Vander Molen Technology, officially know as VMT, is a small business based in Pella, Iowa. We work with small to mid-size businesses as well as organizations, churches and individuals.

VMT had its start in 2000 with one web site and a will to help others. Since then we have been given opportunities to expand and build relationships with other businesses. From our small start, VMT now works with clients in multiple states that have a wide range of needs.

In 2010, VMT started working with individuals to help increase their abilities with technology. As more services move online, the ability to use the internet is becoming a basic neccessity. Helping improve a person's profeciency in this area is another way VMT works for you.

If we don't have the ability to help you, we will say so and help you find the appropriate company to fit your needs. It is our desire to help you succeed, not just help our bottom line.

Look at who makes up our team or contact us to see what we can do for you.

VMT Staff

Meet the people that run VMT and how they can help with your needs.