Web sites are an efficient way to advertise your business or organization. Nearly 75% of the US uses the Internet, and every one of these users can be your client. Through VMT and our partner companies, we can help your site stand out and be noticed by your customers.

VMT programs new sites with the latest, most up to date techniques and applies enhancements to existing sites as appropriate. Using HTML5 and CSS3 along with accessibility enhancements, our clients' sites work for all users and will with future upgrades.


Starting a new web site, or updating an old one, can be a daunting task. We can help with a checklist of items to guide you along the way. At every step, VMT can help as much or as little as you want.

VMT has the experience to build your site in a timely manner and make sure it meets accessibility requirements and is programmed correctly for search engines. As your site progresses, we provide opportunity for you to monitor and change items as you need.


In order to maintain a good online presence, web sites must be kept up to date. This helps to keep visitors returning to see new material and improves search engine rankings.

At VMT, we give you a choice on how you want to update your site. Many site owners take advantage of our affordable rates and have VMT perform all work. If you want to do some, or all, of the updates yourself, we have several solutions to best fit your needs.

For further information, contact us or see the Web FAQ to the right.