In making and maintaining a web site, three main costs are involved, address, hosting, and development. Other expenses such as search engine marketing and training for updates may also be part of your online expenses.

Web Address

You site's domain, or web address, is the name people will use to find you. Your address needs to be memorable and related to your business or organization so that your site can easily be found. Unfortunately, due to the popularity of web based services and advertising, many addresses are already taken. Therefore, it is best to have a few possibilities in mind.

Domains can be registered for one or up to five years. VMT will take care of checking and registering your desired address and keep you aware of when it's time to renew.


Your web host is where your site is housed and made available to the public. Multiple hosting companies are available with different options and pricing to meet your needs. VMT regularly works with several hosting companies and we welcome your own choice as well.


In order for your site to become, or remain, functional, it needs a web developer such as VMT. We offer competitive pricing depending on your business or organization type.

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