For first-time website owners, it's difficult to know where to begin. When working with VMT, we will help you along the way and get your new site working for you. To start, look at this checklist and the items below for an idea where to begin.


Your domain, or web address, is the first item that will say who you are. Web sites such as,, and many others are common words in today's language. Getting your site to become as familiar is part of being successful on the web. After you have picked two to three possible addresses, VMT will see what is available and work with you to start advertising your address.


When looking at a business, do you prefer to go to a place that looks old and rundown, or one that is well maintained and friendly in appearance? The look of your site and what is presented will either keep your site visitors looking for more, or looking elsewhere. If you have sites that you like, whether in or out of your industry, we can take some of those concepts and work them into your site's design as well as make a unique look for you.


The content of your site, as well as its purpose, will be a large part of your design. If your site's main purpose is for information, selling a product, or both, your visitor will need to know at just a glance. Text is also an important aspect for search engines, but too much will scare a customer away. After you know the basic information your site will contain, VMT can help to optimize it for the web.

Your content will most likely cover multiple pages to get all the information out. Thinking about the different areas and how to fit them together is best done early in the process.