Getting listed well on search engines such as Google is the goal of most web site owners. However, with the Internet full of competing sites, it's a hard task to fulfil. These steps are ways you and VMT can work to enhance your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Your site's content is helpful to your visitors and search engines. Making sure each page has unique, fresh content will help your ranking and engage your visitors. Blogs and relevant news items are ways to keep your site's information fresh and the search engines interested.

Link Building

If your site can't be found by visitors, how will search engines find it? Link building is a strong way to increase a web site's search rankings. When top rated sites link back to yours, it provides a major boost in traffic and SEO. This is an area that many site owners ignore, but one that has the best potential to help your site. Don't be fooled by gimmicks offering "10,000 links in ten minutes" though, let VMT work with you and construct a meaningful link building strategy.

Site Architecture

Your web site needs to be easy to navigate for visitors and search engines. Proper use of headings, page titles, and navigation clues help to find information and make a site useful. Just look at this web site for an example, and then let VMT get your site up and running in a way everyone can use.