Every physical building has two things in common, an address and property to build on. Websites have the same requirements, just not in the physical world. These two necessities are a domain and hosting.


Your website’s address, or domain, is one of the most important parts to consider. It needs to be easy to remember and be associated with your business or organization. Unfortunately, the ideal address for your site may already be taken. Therefore, it is important to register your domain early in your site building process before someone else takes it. An easy way to check on availability is to type your desired address in your browser and see if something comes up. If it doesn’t, then it is likely, but not necessarily, available.

VMT will help you register your domain at reasonable rates for up to five-year time periods. Options such as privacy are also available, but may increase the cost. After you have a domain, you need somewhere for your site to live, and that is where hosting comes in.


If your website was a building, the host would be the property it is built on. It needs to be able to handle any amount of traffic you receive as well as be located locally enough to allow for quick loading time. VMT does not offer our own hosting, but we have decades of experience in working with hosting providers to know who you can trust, who to avoid, and different pricing availability.

VMT does the background work for you in keeping track of changes in your host as well as managing annoying sales calls. When building a new site, we know what features you will need in a host so that you do not pay for extra items and help keep your cost at a minimum. If rare technical issues arise, we can also work quickly to restore your site to full function and handle confusing technical terms.

When these two items are in place, your site is now ready to be built. That process can also seem like a large hurdle to over come, but VMT has the experience to help you along the way. If you’re ready to get your business online, or look for new solutions for your existing site, contact us today to get started.