Building a new website, or redesigning an existing one, can be exciting and anxious at the same time. Their are many things to consider and you don’t want to have something that reflects badly on your organization. VMT has the experience and skills to make your site accessible to all and simplify the process.

Site Design and Content

Without content, a website wouldn’t exist. When planning a new site or rebuilding one, you need to know what your goal is for the site. Will you be selling products or services, telling about your organization, or a combination of different areas? VMT will help guide your process and adjust text and graphics so that it helps with SEO and make your message clear.

Equally important is your site’s design. You want to have an attractive and easy to use site for all visitors. Unlike print advertising with fixed sizes, web designs need to be able to adjust to phones, tablets, computers, and even television screens. VMT offers basic design options for our clients, but we also partner with dedicated web designers or those of your choice. When a design is ready, it’s time to build.

Building your Site

The most exciting part of getting your new site is seeing it take shape. VMT utilizes a Content Management System (CMS) called WordPress to allow for streamlined building process and to allow for easier site maintenance. WordPress also has many plugins, or web software, that can easily be integrated for any function you need.

As your site is built, we also integrate accessibility requirements so that it will be available to the widest audience possible. Google Analytics will also be included so that you can see traffic coming to your site, how visitors came, and even how long they stayed. Before it goes live to the public, you will also be able to make final adjustments as needed.

Are you ready to get your business online or give your site a fresh new look? Contact VMT today to see how we can help get your project from concept to completion.